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Inauguration Weekend (Part 4) revised to NYC (Part 2)

Another amazing day! I probably couldn't live in NYC permanently. It's only Tuesday, and I feel like I've done more in 2 days than I have in the past month. I actually caught up on sleep this AM, so see - Viswa does sleep. I then walked to the Century Club where I met with Daron Hagen. Daron has been a huge influence on me. I had the pleasure of conducting "Vera of Las Vegas" with Opera Vista, and Daron served on many a jury for the Vista Competition. I think he probably has forgotten more about musical theater and opera than I know! I met him at the beautiful Century Club for lunch. The lunch lasted many many hours. Talking with Daron is inspiring, educational, humbling, joyful, and collegial all at the same time. We discussed ideas for future collaboration, but more than anything - we are just good friends.

From there I killed some time over tea with Clara Yang and talked about conducting. I also had a nice conversation about a potential collaboration with Raghava KK. (If you don't know him, look up his TED talks). We then headed off to the Manhattan School of music for another round of Masur masterclasses. Seeing him coach the 2nd movement of the Eroica was enlightening and inspiring. At the break I met him back stage and caught up on old stories and life in general. He is still one of the most inspiring people I know.