Viswa Subbaraman

Opera and Orchestra Conductor

Yakima Symphony Music Director Audition - Day 4

This was another long day, but from here on out, they're all going to be pretty long. I started with a piano rehearsal with Kara Hunnicutt, the soloist for my concert on Saturday. We're doing Respighi's Adagio con Variazioni. I have to admit that when it was assigned, I didn't know the piece! I knew of it, but I had never heard it - what would we do without iTunes? I thought the piano rehearsal went quite well. Kara doesn't do the piece the same way twice, so the music is really an organic entity when she plays it. (Tempi might be a bit different, slightly different rubato each time, etc.) The nice thing was that even though she changed quite a bit as she played through the piece, it was very easy to figure out where she was going.

Video 10 - Piano rehearsal with Kara Hunnicutt (Thanks to Lauren for being the camera person!)


In the evening, the outgoing Music Director, Brooke Creswell took us to the youth orchestra rehearsal. I thought there was a good foundation for the young musicians of Yakima. One of the things I need to figure out is what the relationship is between the Yakima Symphony Orchestra and the youth symphony. There is a lot of potential in the youth orchestra for really developing a younger generation of musicians.

Video 11 - Youth Orchestra Rehearsal