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Opera and Orchestra Conductor

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Building a TEDx Talk (Part 2)

I've always admired leaders who inspire and allow the people around them to do their jobs without micromanaging. I think it allows for people to do their best work. No leader wants to be a tyrant or a dictator.

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Yakima Symphony Music Director Audition - Day 4

I need to figure out is what the relationship is between the Yakima Symphony Orchestra and the youth symphony. There is a lot of potential in the youth orchestra for really developing a younger generation of musicians.

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Kaiser is King (Part 2): Thoughts on Michael Kaiser’s Visit to Houston

So, the whole thing starts with the artistic direction, and as an artistic director and conductor, of course I think that’s the way it should be. The side of me that did an MBA snickers at that last statement since he knows that without the amazing work of the executive director, all that work on developing great art is pretty useless – it takes money to make great art.

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