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Opera and Orchestra Conductor

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Performing Wagner - Part 1: Background

As Bill Curry said in his speech – in 1988, he checked with the Library of Congress about a statement that he had heard on TV, and they verified it: The most written about person in human history was Jesus. The second was…..Wagner. Where does this fascination come from? For composers, he was one of the most innovative musicians ever, so that explains why music historians study him and his music, but to be the second more written about person in history after Jesus?

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2010 Vista Competition - What I look for. (Part 1)

I think many people think of opera as a rarified “upper crust” art form, but when you hear the composers talking about their work, the opera fanatics realize that there is a great deal of craft that goes into creating great opera, and the neophytes realize that they understand more about opera than they give themselves credit for.

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